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  • What is the login for?
    Using your login you can access your pet owners consol. This is a special section of our website where you can take control of your own settings! Make changes as and when you need.

    You can:
  • Add new information.
    • Add a new pet.
    • Add new information to an existing pet's record.
    • Add a new phone number to your contact details
    • Invite a friend to join.
    • Lots more like this!
  • Change existing information.
    • Change a pet's availability.
    • Change a pet's specific data and notes.
    • Change your address and phone details.
  • You can even see if any vets have viewed your details!
  • Please note: It's important to keep your details up-to-date. Once a year we will send you a reminder to check the details are still valid. We've provided help on-site so if you have any queries you may find them answered already.
  • Cat, Dog or Both
    If you have registered your dog(s) and would like to register your cat(s) too simply log into, click 'Add a pet' and choose to add a cat.

    Likewise, if you have already registered your cat and would now like to register your dog just log into, click 'Add pet and choose to add a dog.'

    Registration form
    If you would like to help save a pet's life please begin by adding your contact details to our listing with the »registration form«, it only takes a minute or two.

    To complete this form you need to provide your full name, telephone, eMail and postal address etc. We will send you a confirmation eMail, please reply to this email as it is an important part of our website functionality.

    Any eMail you receive from us will be important information that relates directly to our website, we have a non-spam policy.
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