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Helping you find a potential blood donor is quickly as possible is the primary aim of our website. All the online tools are provided free to use and have been kept as straight forward and as easy to use as possible.

Practice registration form
Gaining access to our listing begins with your practice registration. It is not possible to use our facility without a valid registration. This requirement is normal behaviour for networked applications such as our website. Note, this website uses cookies as part of its normal functionality. Please accept all cookie requests from the Animal Blood Register.

The person who registers your practice should be a qualified vet. We will create a 'trust' account for this person (your practice on-line administrator) who is allowed to change the practice details (if needed) and invite fellow vets to use the practice consol.

The registration process can be completed in just a few minutes and requires the normal contact information for your practice.

The first step is to enter your practice post code, we'll search our listing to make sure it's not already on-file. If it is, you'll be re-directed to the login page otherwise we present the registration form. Enter your practice details, choose a practice Marquee (a unique login shared by all vets at your practice) then, clicking the button will add your practice. A welcome eMail is then sent. It includes an auto-generated PINCode.

Then, fax your PINCode to us.
You must verify the new entry by faxing your PINCode to our administrator. We will then confirm and activate your login at our website. You will be notified by eMail when this is done. You can then access our website and search the listings. Each individual vet at your practice can use the Marquee to get their own login, attached to your practice's entry. They do not need to fax too although they must provide their veterinary registration number. If you are not sure of your number you can verify it at the RCVS website.

You can add as many vets per practice as you need to so there's no need to share logins. Each person should have their own.

IMPORTANT: Our promise to pet owners is that only bone fide veterinarians will see their details. Please ensure only qualified vets at your practice are allowed to use your Marquee.

Click for larger imageLogging into the Vet Consol
Using the practice Marquee and their chosen login, vets can gain access to the 'Vet Consol', this is customised per person.

It leads to the search, reporting and editing facilities so can be thought of as a base for all activities at our website. A complete user guide can be downloaded and printed from the Vet Consol.

Searching the listings
The are two ways to search. The Quick Search panel in the left column of rach page will look for matching blood types in your town and/or county. You can see a screen-shot »here« Clicking a blood type automatically starts a search, you'll see a page like »this« screen-shot.

With the Advanced Search a combination of searches can be performed factoring criteria such as Species, Blood Type, Town, or County. If no entries are found simply modify the search and try again. When the search is successful you will see a list of possible matches. Clicking a link will display more details on that animal and a link for the owners contact details. Over to you!

Click for larger imageA successful donation, that's the ticket!
Each time an owner's details are displayed a 'contact ticket' is created, a history.

Using the donation confirmation form on the Vet Consol a veterinarian can indicate: if indeed a donation took place, recording when, where and the quantity and blood type etc .

Naturally it is important to know if an animal has recently donated blood. Therefore we ask all vets who have requested an owners contact information to confirm whether or not a donation took place.

Adding Blood Type information
Pet owners are not allowed to add this information, it must be recorded by a veterinarian. If a pet owner has indicated he/she is a client at your practice you will see them listed on your consol. You can add information about their pet including blood type. Pets (of your clients) with no blood type record will appear directly on your consol home page as a reminder. Please blood type as many pets as you can. It will improve the system for everyone.

This sounds more complex than it really is...
If you locate a potential donor that does not have a blood type record (even if it belongs to another practice) once the donation has taken place you can add the blood type information to the animal's record via the donations tab on the ticket page. Once added the blood type information can only be changed by a vet at the owners own practice or by our website administrator.

Blood suitability should of course be verified before use, the inclusion of blood type information at our website serves to speed up the matching process (so you get a better chance of finding a donor in haste) and should be considered a possible match only, unconfirmed.

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